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Your Stories, Your Results: Perinton couple to be reimbursed

Updated: Wednesday, July 10 2013, 04:21 PM EDT

Perinton, N.Y. - In March a Town of Perinton sewer pump failed and in turn flooded a couple’s backyard, deck, and basement.

In April a 13WHAM News Your Stories report explained how the town’s insurance company was refusing to reimburse the couple for damages. A letter the couple received from the insurance company indicated that it was not the town’s responsibility because it was never informed about a faulty fuse that appears to be the reason a sewer pump near the couple’s home failed.

Judy and Bill David came to 13WHAM News with this story and explained how the pump was padlocked shut at all time, on their property, and they would be unable to inform the town that a fuse malfunctioned let alone predict that malfunction.

Perinton Town Supervisor James Smith said at the time he sides with the couple and was doing what he can to advocate for them in ongoing negotiations with the insurance company.

This week the Davids called to tell 13WHAM News that they were informed by the insurance company that their claim would be covered.

"I got a call from the insurance agency for the Town of Perinton and they told us that after further consideration we realized that there was no possible way that we could've realized that the locked pump station had faulty wiring or a faulty fuse," Judy David explained. "So they have agreed, very generously, to pay for our cleanup and our carpet replacement which is all we were asking for."

The David’s estimate the reimbursement will total less than $2,500. Specialized crews were brought in to disinfect their property which took days and costs hundreds of dollars.

"Channel 13 had a lot to do with it I'm very grateful," Judy David said. "I love the way you people handled this situation you made it very, very easy for us to accomplish what we needed to do."

Your Stories, Your Results: Perinton couple to be reimbursed

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