A push towards solar energy

Solar panels are becoming a more popular way to power homes and businesses across Monroe County.

Turning to the sun for power. Solar panels continue to pop up across Monroe County.

"[When] the sun is shining, the lights are off because it's daylight. I'm spinning the other meter backwards, and I'm getting credit for it," said Dan Courtney.

Courtney has eight solar panels on his roof that cover half of his electric bill each month. They end up saving him more than $300 each year.

"It was a no-brainer once I realized it's going to increase the value of my home more than it's going to cost me," he said.

Some solar companies are projecting the number of solar power users could triple in the next year, causing them to hire more people to meet the demand.

Sunday afternoon, people packed the Brighton Town Hall for the first ROCSPOT assembly, looking to learn more about this growing way to get energy.

"We find that solar panels, and solar panels installed on your home, give you the chance to control your electricity costs, manage them and know what you'll be spending," said Dr. Susan Spencer, president and CEO of ROCSPOT.

The group is working to implement 100% renewable energy in Rochester over the next 10 years.

"This makes a huge difference in an era of uncertainty about electricity rates and how they'll continue rising in the next decade or so," said Dr. Spencer.

"As electricity rates go up, which they're about to again, my electricity bill is basically going to stay the same," said Courtney.

Dr. Spencer said right now is the time to invest in the panels because of the kicks backs from federal and state incentives. She encouraged people to sign up before September to maximize the discounts.

Click here for more information on ROCSPOT and solar energy.

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