ABC's 20/20 explores digital addictions

ABC's 20/20 airs Friday night

(WHAM) -- What happens when an obsession becomes an addiction?

"These are people who have had real consequences through their compulsion to play or be online,” said 20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas.

In Friday night’s episode Vargas looks at how digital addiction is impacting Americans. It’s affecting kids, teens and adults. For some it's a debilitating dependency.

The solution, in some cases, is intensive rehab. For others it’s a two month fast from devices. Experts compare before and after MRI’s.

"It's very dramatic and proof those experts say that being online to that extent all those hours, does in fact, damage your brain,” Vargas told 13WHAM.

"They key is here is to get parents to how to spot if it's getting out of control and spiraling into a compulsion,” she said.

You can watch 20/20 Friday at 10 on 13WHAM ABC.

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