Celebration of 19th Amendment at Susan B. Anthony House

The Susan B. Anthony House hosted a celebration of the 19th Amendment Sunday.

Rochester, N.Y. - A historic election makes this a fitting time to focus on and celebrate the 19th Amendment.

It helped paved the way for women to vote.

A fun and lesson-filled celebration -- honoring the anniversary of the amendment's ratification to the U.S. Constitution -- was held at the Susan B. Anthony House Sunday.

The president of the house said the amendment is misunderstood.

"It actually didn't give women the right to vote," said Deborah L. Hughes, president of the Susan B. Anthony House. "It said you couldn't be discriminated against just on the basis of your sex. So almost immediately, they found ways to discriminate against voters, in the same way that the 15th Amendment was supposed to protect males that were formerly enslaved...(through) poll taxes, literacy tests, educational tests."

There's now a Susan B. Anthony walking tour app of the historical area surrounding the house. It's currently available on Android.