City Councilmember says Midtown space should bring in tax revenue

City Councilmember Carolee Conklin says whatever goes in this vacant Midtown space should bring in tax revenue.

A City of Rochester Councilmember is weighing in on what she would like to see on a vacant space at Midtown, known as Parcel 5.

Carolee Conklin says whatever goes there, should bring in property tax revenue.

Several applications have been submitted to the city to develop that property.

Last week, Tom Golisano pledged $25 million to build a performing arts center.

Conklin says she isn’t opposed, but would rather have something that would generate revenue for the city.

“I’m not sure what revenue would be generated to the city with a performing arts center, said Conklin.

“I’m assuming there would be residual economic benefits to businesses, and obviously a commercial building, a residential building would provide tax real estate revenue, she said.”

A city spokesperson says a decision for that site is expected very soon.

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