Curbing underage drinking in college towns

Statewide agencies are focusing on alcohol and college towns, specifically underage drinking and fake I.D.’s.

Brockport, N.Y. – Thousands of students are moving into The College at Brockport. Friday, cars lined Residence Drive with loads ready to fill dorm rooms.

“It's really exciting,” said freshman Kamryn Farrell as she showed off her dorm room. “I can't wait to set everything up.”

“I was really excited she chose Brockport because when we came and visited it just felt safe to me,” said Kamryn’s mom Shelley Farrell.

Keeping students safe is a top priority for the college.

Sara Gleisle Assistant Director of Prevention and Outreach Services says they have multiple seminars starting during summer orientation in July addressing risky behavior on and off campus.

Two more programs will be held on Saturday for students living on and off campus.

“The students will participate in a bystander intervention program that we call “eagle check” where they'll get to know the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning,” said Gleisle. “But more importantly, they'll have more confidence and a skill set for intervening.”

Statewide agencies are also focusing on alcohol and college towns, specifically underage drinking and fake I.D.’s.

"State and local law enforcement are taking proactive measures to deter underage drinking and hopefully prevent the dangerous and potentially life-altering consequences that can come with it," Governor Cuomo said. "As the new college semester begins, this crackdown will help put an end to underage drinking and hold accountable those who enable it."

Brockport police are part of this crackdown.

“Are we going to be out this weekend? Yes, we have extra cars on this weekend,” said Lt. Mark Cuzzupoli. He says getting caught trying to use a fake I.D. could have serious consequences.

“It could be a felony," said Lt. Cuzzupoli.

In May, during a statewide underage sweep the DMV enforcement investigators confiscated 127 fake I.D.’s.

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