Entertainment license reinstated for Water Street Music Hall

Water Street Music Hall has conditional entertainment license reinstated

Rochester, N.Y. - Water Street Music Hall will soon resume public entertainment at its main venue.

According to a post on the venue's Facebook page, a conditional entertainment license has been reinstated for Water Street.

Last month, the City of Rochester denied the venue's application for a renewal of its entertainment license, citing concerns about alleged violations against the City of Rochester's code and the police chief's rules and regulations.

In a letter to the owners, Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli cited eight police-involved incidents in the last 12 months in which disruptive crowds led to arrests, fights breaking out and gun shots being fired.

The owner of Water Street Music Hall said he was working with the city to help resolve the matter.

The City of Rochester said it granted the venue a conditional license based on a letter from the Rochester Police Department.

The letter from RPD Chief Ciminelli to the owners of Water Street Music Hall give a conditional license that will expire January 31, 2017. The owners are required to meet a certain number of conditions, includingemploying "readily identifiable" security guards who are licensed by New York State. The club must also notify security of any "significant incidents" and keep track of them using internal reports.

13WHAM News has reached out to Rochester Police and Water Street Music Hall to comment on the renewal of the entertainment license, but has not yet heard back.

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