Exclusive: New details emerge in Rideout case through court documents

(Photos: Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

Rochester, N.Y. – Court documents obtained exclusively by 13WHAM News are providing new information about the murder of Penfield man Craig Rideout.

Rideout was murdered last July. His body was found dumped in a tarp, his face disfigured by acid, in a wooded area of Yates County.

His estranged wife, Laura Rideout, her two sons Colin and Alex Rideout and her boyfriend Paul Tucci are all charged with murder and evidence tampering.

The four will be tried together for Rideout’s murder, with one jury hearing and seeing evidence from three separate crime scenes in two counties.

Court documents paint a horrific picture of Rideout’s last moments. An autopsy report lists multiple causes of death including asphyxia, ligature furrow complex encircling neck, strap muscle hemorrhage, fracture of hyoid bone with associated soft-tissue hemorrhage, blunt force injuries of head, multiple laceration of right forehead and cheek, fracture of right orbit with associated soft tissue hemorrhage and abrasion of the lower back.

The documents show a sergeant found a homemade garrote likely used to strangle Craig Rideout in the basement of his townhome, where investigators said he was murdered. The paperwork also shows that same sergeant found a garbage bag of bloody clothing and cardboard boxes that appeared to have blood on them.

Paperwork also describes Luminol showed blood in an area of the basement floor.

Investigators said Craig Rideout's sister called deputies when her brother went missing and after finding his estranged wife Laura in his town home. Court documents state that Laura told deputies she had been cleaning Craig's home because, "it was not up to her standards of cleanliness." However, Craig Rideout's sister said Laura took a garbage bag from his home and put it into the back of Paul Tucci's Ford Fusion.

That car will be used as evidence at trial, along with all statements from Laura Rideout and Paul Tucci. Some statements by the Rideout brothers before their arrests at Mendon Ponds Park will not be allowed at trial.

Tuesday, jury selection begins in the murder trial. Video cameras will be allowed in for opening and closing statements as well as when a verdict is reached. Stay with 13WHAM and for the latest developments.

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