Exterminators blame warm weather for rise in vermin sightings

Exterminators blame warm weather for rise in vermin sightings (WHAM Photo)

Rochester, N.Y. - As much as the warm weather is welcomed by some, homeowners say its bringing some unwelcome company.

A number of exterminators told 13WHAM Thursday that their phones have been ringing off the hook because mice and rats are loving this warm streak of winter weather.

Mary Ellen Nix, of Charlotte, says a rat crawled into her home not long ago.

“It was huge,” Nix said. “The cat got it because it likes to bring it up to me alive.”

Cats help, but not everyone owns one. Karen Gibble, owner of the ABC Pest Control & Wildlife, says two mild winters in a row have trapped a lot of business.

“In 2016, probably 50 percent more [calls] than any other year,” Gibble said. “I have been in the business for 20 years. It was the worst fall season we’ve ever seen for mice.”

Gibble says mild and dry is the perfect mating weather for vermin. When temperatures dip again, then scurry back inside for warmth.

“Once they find an entry point, they’ll keep coming,” Gibble said. “Also, construction and vacant homes play a key role of these things coming into your home.”

For Nix, living behind a set of abandoned train tracks does not help her case.

“Critters live in there,” Nix said. “Little mice I can get. They get into your house in the fall. But rats, I didn’t want that there.”

Experts say sealing up small entry ways from the outside is your best bet. If you decide to take the poison route, be patient, because it can take time for critters to digest it.

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