Fairport 10-year-old sets record as youngest winner of annual 5K

Ari Reback holds the record of being the youngest competitor to ever win first place at the annual Women Run the Roc 5K.

Fairport, N.Y. (WHAM) - She holds the record of being the youngest competitor to ever win first place at the annual Women Run the Roc 5K.

You can find Ari Reback, 10, pounding the pavement or track at least four times a week.

"Sometimes I use running as a time to kind of just relax," Reback said.

She's been doing this for three years.

"I used to see my cousins run a lot of races,” Reback said. “I thought it looked like fun and wanted to do it."

So the soon-to-be Fairport 6th grader joined a program called Girls on the Run. Her coach got her into competing in 5K races.

"Then I started going faster and running longer distances."

On August 11, Reback ran 5K among more than 270 runners.

"The night before, I'll drink and I'll just eat bread, pasta - anything with a lot of carbohydrates,” Reback said. “So I'll have energy and I’ll also have some protein."

That evening, the budding athlete crossed the finish line in 21:07 taking first place overall.

"The whole time I was looking behind me," Reback said.

She's now the youngest competitor to win this women's road race.

"It was really exciting because it was like the first big, big race that I’ve won,” Reback said. "I think it's kind of fun to see how you match up with other people who aren't you age and people who are."

So how does she celebrate?

"I sit on the couch and eat junk food."

For Reback, that’s buffalo wings from Jeremiah's.

"Well, yeah, you deserve it," she said, smiling to herself.

The 10-year-old hopes to go to the Olympics and run a marathon one day.

"I think I could,” Reback said. “As long as I keep on working hard."

That -and also taking it one stride at a time. Reback also wants to shave seven seconds off of her mile run time to six minutes flat.

Reback’s mother said she has ten trophies and nearly 40 medals from running in races.

Her next upcoming race is a 12K is on September 2.

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