Five months later, families affected by wind storm still out of their homes

Some families are still displaced after the March wind storm (WHAM photo)

Irondequoit, N.Y. – For most in the area, March’s windstorm seems like a distant memory. But for some families in Irondequoit, that five months has turned into an eternity. Their homes still look the same as they did when the damage was first done.

Winds gusting at more than 80 miles per hour devastated Rock Beach Road in Irondequoit, leaving the community in the dark and cold for nearly a week.

Today, not much has changed in the neighborhood.

Elaine and Bill Cole helped rescue their neighbors when a tree crashed through their home during the wind storm.

“We ran outside right away,” Elaine said. “Counted heads to make sure the two adults and the babies were out safe”

“The baby, who had been taking a nap in the master bedroom, crawled out of the bed just before the tree had fallen, or I assumed the baby could have died,” she added.

But that family’s nightmare continues. Not an ounce of work has been done on their home.

“They want their home fixed. They want to get back in and get their family back where they belong,” said Elaine. “I feel very sorry for them. I think it has been a long, hard process.”

And they’re not the only ones. Other families in Irondequoit are still displaced, with boarded-up doors, tarps on roofs and condemned signs hanging in the windows.

“It just shows you the tremendous power of Mother Nature,” said Elaine.

For some, insurance companies dragged their feet. Others had contractor after contractor fall through. These families just want to be back in their homes.

“I just hope it resolves soon, for their sake,” said Elaine.

100,000 RG&E customers lost power during the storm. The company is still under investigation by the state for their response times.

Neighbors won’t know about the possible financial assistance until that investigation is complete.

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