Greece native fleeing Florida as Irma approaches

(Photo: Melissa Allen)

Key Largo, Fla. - A woman who grew up in Greece is among those fleeing Hurricane Irma.

Melissa Allen has lived in Key Largo for the last 10 years. Tuesday night, she and her family were on their way back to Rochester.

Allen said the forecast convinced her not to stay. “They’re definitely more concerned about this one”, says Allen. “This is the biggest one they’ve seen. Nobody’s been scared like this. It’s kind of chaotic. No water. It’s hard. The traffic is already backed up.”

Tuesday, Allen boarded up her home and packed up important documents, hoping she will have a home to return to when all of this is over.

Tourists were under mandatory evacuations Tuesday. That order is expected to follow for residents Wednesday.

The Key West Airport is closing Wednesday.

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