Hamlin residents living without water as Lake Ontario rises

Hamlin residents living without water as Lake Ontario rises (WHAM Photo)

HAMLIN – Excess lake water is overwhelming septic systems along the lake shore.

“This is the first time we’ve ever had the problem we’ve had today,” said homeowner Len Carpenter Saturday. “It’s quite sad.”

Carpenter’s three septic tanks are drowning in his backyard. There is so much lake runoff that his tanks haven’t been functioning properly for days.

“Being able to flush the toilet, run the dishwasher, wash the dishes, even using the shower; we had to use very, very little water,” Carpenter said. “This past evening, I went to my daughter’s house and I took a shower there.”

Carpenter says his neighbor are using an RV to shower and go to the bathroom, while others are being forced to drive to the grocery store to use the bathroom.

Members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were in Hamlin on Friday surveying damage along the lake shore.

“A main concern why people are moving out of their houses is because of leach fields and backed up sewers,” said Hamlin Town Highway Superintendent Steven Baase.

Abandoning his lakeshore home on Newco Drive is not an option for Kevin Noon. He spent his life savings to live on the lake.

“You can’t go on vacation, you come straight home,” Noon said. “You don’t sleep well and you worry about your future.”

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