Judge to decide what evidence will be entered in Craig Rideout murder trial

Laura Rideout, Colin Rideout, Alexander Rideout and Paul Tucci are all charged with murder in the death of Craig Rideout (Photos: MCSO)

Rochester, N.Y. - A lot is at stake for the four people accused of killing Penfield father, Craig Rideout. A judge is now deciding key evidence a jury will see and hear at next month's trial.

Friday, testimony in the second day of a pre-trial hearing suggests key evidence could exist inside a trash bag fished out of Devil's Bathtub at Mendon Ponds Park. While we do not yet know what was inside that bag, prosecutors argue it links the defendants to Craig Rideout's murder, and they want to use it at trial.

Investigators said they have recorded interviews with the Rideout boys, their mother and her boyfriend, Paul Tucci.

The defense is arguing to prevent a jury from seeing or hearing those interviews, saying they were secretly recorded and Miranda rights were not read properly; however, the prosecution is pushing for all the evidence gathered in Yates and Monroe Counties to be presented at trial.

Michael Schiano, the attorney for Paul Tucci, said it's all in the judge's hands.

"That's going to be up to the judge to see what he allows in as potential evidence in this case," he told 13WHAM News.

Craig Rideout's body was found in a partially-wooded area of Yates County, wrapped in a tarp and disfigured by acid.

One day later, deputies testified that they found Colin and Alex Rideout at Devil's Bathtub, acting suspicious. Witnesses told police they saw a man with a tarp and latex gloves. Deputies said the Rideout brothers claimed they were there to, "walk around and make s'mores."

A state trooper told the judge he and a deputy interviewed each of the four defendants the day Craig Rideout went missing. Prosecutors want the jury to hear those hours-long recorded conversations, but the defense claims Laura Rideout and Paul Tucci were secretly recorded before they were even suspects, and that the two sons did not have their Miranda rights read properly.

"We're trying to point out some holes that might have occurred in them being questioned by state police and by the Sheriff's department," Schiano said. "The issue that is before the judge was whether or not the statements were voluntary or not."

Testimony also revealed that Laura Rideout and Paul Tucci showed up at the crime scene, Craig Rideout's home, and said they were there to drop children off because of a custody dispute and thought something was going on.

Earlier that day, Rideout's sister claims she found Laura in her brother's home, cleaning up and putting a trash back in the trunk of Paul Tucci's car. Court records show she grew suspicious of Laura's activities and called deputies.

We learned a surprise witness will be called to the stand May 25. We expect that witness will help us learn more about Paul Tucci's car being seized by troopers, what was found in it and whether or not it plays a key role in this case.

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