Lakeshore businesses look to rebound ahead of steamy weekend

Lakeshore business look to rebound ahead of steamy weekend (WHAM Photo)

Rochester, N.Y. – This weekend’s hot weather is finally giving lakeshore business owners something to smile about.

Recently, Terry Testa got a dose of reality when his 13-year-old daughter had a question he wasn’t prepared to answer.

“My daughter says, 'Dad what are you going to do?'” Testa explained. “'Are you going to be a doctor?'"

As its owner, The Pelican’s Nest along Ontario Beach is Testa’s livelihood. Weeks of lakeshore flooding due to the rising Lake Ontario threatened that.

“I was thinking this was going to shut us down for the whole season,” Testa said. “Fortunately, it didn’t.”

Testa says sales were down 25 percent in May.

“I’m glad they are open again,” said Bob Lindsay of Greece.

“The rain and everything kind of flooded out, so they opened a little later than when we usually come out,” said Bob’s son, Jonathan Lindsay. “You have to come outside. We’ve been waiting all winter for this.”

In Irondequoit, Francine Beth of Marge’s Lakeside Inn says crews have been working hard to clean up her popular beachside seating area. Several weeks ago, it was submerged underwater.

“We’ve probably lost about half of our beach,” Beth said.

With help from her staff, Marge’s has managed to stay open through it all.

"We had one of our best summers out here last year,” Beth said. “You just can’t rest on your laurels with that. You have to stay on your game and keep swimming.”

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