Lightning strikes 3,000-gallon gas tank in Lyons

Surveillance video captures lightning striking 3,000 gallon gas tank in Lyons.

Lyons, N.Y. - There was a close call when lightning storms passed over the Lyons Town Maintenance Facility Thursday afternoon.

Building and Grounds worker Ben Follette was coming back from lunch when he witnessed a flash and a lightning bolt strike a 3,000-gallon tank filled with gasoline.

"Split-second, all I saw was smoke and what it looked like was just sparks," said Follette. "Looking back on the video that we got, it turned out to be an actual fireball."

The gas tank fuels town vehicles and school buses. By chance, the tank was filled right before the lightning storm.

"Luckily, they had just come 20 minutes before it happened and filled it up," said Follette. "I heard if it hadn't been filled up, there would've been more vapors and it could've been a lot worse. We got lucky."

Firefighters were called to the property to make sure the tank that started leaking isn't dangerous.

Workers say the tank will be removed and replaced.

"Big sound - you know, like a grenade or something was going off. It turned out to be a lightning strike," said Follette.

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