Parking at the Dome Arena: There's an app for that

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Henrietta, N. Y. - No need to bring cash with you to pay for parking at the Dome Arena in Henrietta.

That’s because now there's an app for that!

The 'StadiumPark' app is the brainchild of Brighton resident Jeremy Crane.

"They're getting a fan experience; we all know the experience starts in the parking lots," Crane said.

Crane is often referred to as having, “an uncontrollable fire in his belly,” for creative ideas, and taking action on them.

"I noticed there was a void in parking payments for stadiums, arenas and other venues,” he said, after working for a company that did mobile parking payments for city meters. "I decided to start this company to fill that void and go after this market opportunity."

It’s cashless and one of the fastest ways to pay for a parking spot at the Dome, using your smartphone.

"A lot of people nowadays don't carry cash,” said Anthony Ottaviani, general manager of the Dome Arena. “So it makes it very convenient and easy for them to swipe the badge and go right in."

Users download the app, entering email and payment information. Then, the info is stored until scanned, when they enter the lot.

Parking attendants will wear a “QR” code badge around their neck on a lanyard. The user will scan that code, charging their credit cards for the parking. The user will receive an electronic receipt to show the attendant, and then is allowed in.

Users are charged a $1.49 fee on top of the cost of parking. Keep in mind, this is not reserve parking.

"That transaction takes about three seconds on average," Crane said.

That's compared to the 10 minutes the Dome general manager said normally takes to get people in and through the front doors.

Ottaviani said the app would not only cut down on wait times in long lines. "It will make it a lot safer for parking attendants, because they won't have to carry as much cash. We do have security that's with them, but it does get cumbersome, and they have to make change, and it backs up the line."

But that'll all change when the "StadiumPark" app gets used for the first time at the Dome Arena next Friday, when American rock band Primus comes to town.

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