Pesky phone calls traced back to local strip club

Repeated phone calls traced back to a Henrietta strip club's old fax line.

Greece, N.Y. – A woman from Greece says she has been dealing with unwelcome phone calls from one phone number the past two years.

Gayle Conklin, 82, says the calls come in waves. Calls have come at all hours of the day, even during the middle of the night. Worst of all, Conklin will receive the calls multiple times in a row, even up to an hour at a time.

"I have been getting these phone calls every two minutes for over a period of two years approximately," said Conklin. "I have a brother who is not well, so I can't turn the phone off because, if he needs help or needs something, I have to be available."

Conklin said between May 7 and our visit to her house on May 16, she received 180 calls.

"You pick up the phone when it rings, and it tells you who it is but there's nothing there," said Conklin, which leads her to believe the calls aren't a scam, because it never fishes for her personal information.

Turns out, the phone number traces back to the Tally Ho Gentlemen's Club in Henrietta. Conklin said Greece Police first shared this information with her.

Since finding out about the supposed source of the phone call, Conklin and the general manager have developed a good working relationship to try and solve the matter.

"We both have tried. We've called the phone companies," said General Manager Danielle Snowden. "For some reason, I don't know why, the wires are crossed or you know Frontier for some reason has the numbers mixed up. I don't know."

Snowden said the number that is calling Conklin is the establishment's old fax line. 13WHAM called that number and a man answered the call saying "Tally Ho," and seconds later it went to static.

"She, bless her heart, is wonderful," said Snowden who is also anxious to try and resolve this issue for Conklin.

Conklin's line is through Frontier. Conklin said she has requested the number be blocked from her line, but customer representatives say they are unable to block that number.

Tally Ho's phone service is with Verizon, which has also been unsuccessful in giving Conklin a solution.

Conklin said she has filed a report with Greece Police about the incessant phone calls.

"I just didn't know what the next step could be, because I would like it to stop," said Conklin.

13WHAM reached out to Frontier, and a spokesperson said the company's first order of business will be to try and find a remedy for Conklin.

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