Rochester-area schools & organizations to receive grants for community learning centers

The Rochester City School District is among four local schools/organizations to receive grants for 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

The New York State Education Department awarded $78 million to 21st Century Community Learning Centers, including four schools and organizations in the Rochester area.

Included on the list is the Rochester City School District, Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School, Rochester Area Community Foundation Initiatives/Quad A for Kids, and the YMCA of Greater Rochester.

New York City public schools and New York City-based not-for-profits were awarded nearly $43 million, with the rest of the Big 5 (Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Yonkers) receiving $11 million for their schools and community groups.

The remaining $25 million will go to districts and other community organizations in the rest of the State.

In total, the money will support 122 programs, and will be used by the districts and organizations to provide supplemental services and enrichments in schools that serve students in most need of additional supports.

The grant is an annual award over a five-year period that begins July 1, 2017, and ends on June 30, 2022.

For a full list of school districts and organizations receiving awards click here.

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