Schools of fish invade homes along lakeshore

Schools of fish invade homes along lakeshore (WHAM Photo)

Greece, N.Y. - Something is fishy along the Lake Ontario shoreline.

From flooded backyards to playgrounds, homeowners say fish are popping up in all the wrong places.

Bonnie Pagel counted as many as 24 carp splashing around her soggy front yard in Hamlin.

"Lots of people are stopping by to take pictures," Pagel said. "I'll get a booth out here and sell tickets!"

For Pagel, its not necessarily a nuisance, but she's paying attention to nature.

"I'm concerned, but I think with the ecological problems that something is going to give, and I think this is one of them that's given," Pagel said.

13WHAM reached out to the DEC, which has been fielding calls from residents concerned about schools of fish in odd places.

The DEC says simply throw dead fish in the garbage if you have them. If fish are stranded, they are likely trying to find their way back to an open body of water.

"It's good for fishing, not good for residents," said Jordan Cruz.

Fishing in Long Pond is a family hobby for Cruz.

"The fish come out, they are spawning more often, so they are closer to the top," Cruz said.

"We have fish. We have carp near our radio tower, and its been entertaining for the firemen," said Fire Chief James O'Coin of the Lake Shore Fire Department.

O'Coin says their focus, however, remains on residents in need of help.

"They are putting their whole life savings into their homes and they are dealing with mother nature," O'Coin said. "It's very difficult for them. It's difficult for us because we can't fight mother nature."

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