Seneca Park Zoo reopens after storms forced it to close

Seneca Park Zoo reopened after being closed for 10 days. (WHAM Photo)

Rochester, N.Y. - For the first time in 10 days the Seneca Park Zoo is open.

It closed first for the windstorm, then for the snowstorm this week.

Zoo officials tell 13WHAM News this is the first time in recent history they have had to close the zoo for so many days. On Saturday, families were grateful it's back open.

After being cooped up indoors, Katie Moore and her kids were ready for a breather. "We were ready to get out of the house after being stuck inside for a couple of days."

George Gregory and his kids aren't letting a little snow stop them from enjoying the zoo reopening.

"We are absolutely thrilled to get out and enjoy the outdoors again," he said.

On March 8th the zoo closed ahead of the windstorm.

Then it stayed closed for clean up, and remained closed through the snowstorm.

Saturday is the first day in 10 days families like the Gregory's could visit the animals. "Can't think of a better day, or a better way to spend the day with the kids," Gregory said.

While most animals at the zoo were inside and hibernating, the otters were enjoying their water slide. And the families were just glad to be able to visit the animals again.

"Sometimes you can see more this time of year than in the summer when it's really hot," Moore added.

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