Teens come to aid of woman during medical emergency in Victor

Vincent Casaruz and Ethan Shean (WHAM photo)

Victor, N.Y. – Life-saving lessons were recently put to the test in the nick of time in Victor.

Ethan Shean and his friend, Vincent Casaruz, made a quick stop at the Walmart in Victor. Their trip became anything but routine when they started hearing cries for help in the parking lot.

They ran over and found a woman suffering a medical emergency. Ethan immediately began CPR and saved her life.

“Directly afterwards, we were both very excited and we were just pumped up, just because she was obviously not breathing, no pulse, and if I wasn’t there, I don’t know if she wouldn’t live,” said Ethan.

“It’s a nice feeling, knowing you saved someone’s life. That person can see their family,” said Vincent.

The woman’s young child was in the car at the time.

We’re working to learn more on the woman’s condition.

The teens say they are grateful for learning CPR in school.

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