Two arrested after meth lab discovered in Lyons

Shaila Gorske and Eric Lalonde are accused of making meth in Lyons. (Photos from The Times of Wayne County.)

Lyons, NY (WHAM) - Two people have been arrested after State Police discovered a meth lab in Lyons.

Our news partner, The Times of Wayne County, reports the investigation began when a woman was found topless, swimming in a fountain, and yelling she was, "burning up from inside."

Police say Shaila Gorske, 25, admitted she was having a bad reaction to some methamphetamine she and her boyfriend, Eric Lalonde, 32, had been cooking in her apartment.

Gorske was also ranting to police that her hair was falling out.

Police say she told them she had not picked up her two-year-old from daycare at 5:30 p.m. The boy's father was notified and picked the child up at 10:30 p.m.

Gorske was taken to Newark-Wayne Hospital for observation. She was released, and taken to her father's home in Pennsylvania.

After she learned she was wanted by police, she reportedly returned to Lyons.

Last Friday, Gorske's mother reported to police that she found what she believed was a meth lab in her daughter's apartment.

State Police and the New York State Police’s Contaminated Crime Scene Emergency Response Team investigated the allegations.

After seizing and processing evidence, Lalonde and Gorske were both subsequently arrested for Unlawfully Manufacturing Methamphetamine in the third degree (class D Felony).

In addition, Gorske was arrested for Endangering the Welfare of a Child and Appearing in Public Under the Influence of Narcotics or Drugs, Other than Alcohol.

Lalonde and Gorske were both arraigned in the Town of Lyons Court in front of Town Justice Richard Wunder.

Lalonde, who has prior drug arrests in St. Lawrence County, was committed to the Wayne County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Gorske was committed to the Wayne County Jail in lieu of $5,000 bail.

The apartment on Phelps Street where State Police say the couple was cooking meth is right beside town facilities including the library, Town Hall and Ambulance Services.

"It's not good for the neighborhood," said Joyce Barr, who lives nearby. "We've got a lot of kids that are coming down this way to go to school, and the school is right down there, so they shouldn't be exposed to this kind of garbage."

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