What's with the swarming ants?

(Provided photo)

Greece, N.Y. – Town and Country Pest Control, Inc. in Greece has been getting more and more calls in the last several days for ants.

“They're not coming after food in your home, they’re not after wood in your home, they're not going to come after you and bite you,” said Caleb Fabry of Town and Country Pest Control, Inc.

Fabry tells 13WHAM these are citronella ants, and late summer to early fall is mating season. That is why they are swarming. They live out of sight, underground the rest of the year.

“They are not dangerous at all, and they're literally searching just to swarm for mating purposes,” said Fabry. “They do this every year. We do inside homes and outside homes.”

The swarms can last a couple of days to a week. They tend to come out in the late afternoon and evening, and their stay depends largely on the weather.

The biggest concern with the ants comes from mistaken identity.

Named for their distinct citronella smell, Fabry says the male and female ants are often mistaken for termites, and the worker ants that are much smaller and orange are mistaken for red ants.

Fabry says they can and will treat inside and outside for these ants.

However, the citronella ant swarms outside tend to go away on their own. Inside, Fabry says homeowners can use a soap and water spray, vacuum or call a professional for help.

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