Wyoming County to expand access for those with concealed carry permits

Wyoming County amended concealed carry laws

Warsaw, NY - Gun owners with a concealed carry permit will soon have a few more places they can bring their firearms in Wyoming County. The county's Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday night to allow gun owners with concealed carry permits to carry in county-owned buildings.

The amended local law excludes police and peace officers, and only applies to buildings not covered under a state or federal law. The county courthouse, jail and all medical centers are among the group covered by at the state and federal level.

Only one board member voted against the amendment, Warsaw Town Supervisor Becky Ryan. Most of the county office buildings are in Warsaw.

13WHAM reached out to a number of town supervisors in Wyoming County Wednesday, but many were attending a conference in Syracuse.

Ryan told 13WHAM's news partner at the Wyoming County Free Press that the amended law was too ambiguous and there is no available list of where permit holders can and can't carry.

In Warsaw, some were torn on whether the move needed to be made.

"With everything that's going on in the world right now, it's not the time to start that," said Carrie Girod.

But concealed carry permit holder Todd Daningburg said responsible gun owners deserve that right to carry.

"When you carry a firearm legally, people should be entrusted with the ability to do that - even in places that might be public spaces," said Daningburg. "There should be appropriate restrictions on some places, but I value the right to bear arms through the Second Amendment.

The amended law will go into effect once it is filed with the state. Many surround counties do not allow firearms to be carried in county office buildings. Monroe County does allow firearms with a proper permit, as part of the county charter.

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