Gov. Cuomo briefed on storm damage, authorizes 200 Natl Guard members

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - Governor Andrew Cuomo stopped in Rochester Friday afternoon to be briefed on the windstorm damage from Wednesday

Governor Cuomo met with local leaders and politicians to discuss the approximately 112,000 power outages being reported across the greater Rochester region.

At a news conference at the Greater Rochester International Airport, Cuomo said help is on the way.

"Let's help one another, let's be supportive," Cuomo said.

Governor Cuomo said 200 members of the National Guard are being brought in to help with cleanup efforts from the storm. Workers are coming in to help from as far away as Long Island, Canada, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

During the briefing, representatives from RG&E said there are currently 1,500 power workers on ground and another 630 workers coming in to help from other regions.

An RG&E spokesman said 90 percent of all customers should have their power back by the end of Sunday.

National Grid customers have had approximately 150,000 outages restored in their areas. They said another 21,000 outages remain.

Governor Cuomo said his team was on the ground Thursday just after the storm hit. When asked why it took so long for him to come to Rochester personally, he replied, "Well, I'm here now."

More information about power outages and where to find shelter, generators, oxygen and more can be found here.

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