Accidental shooting case in Parma will proceed to Grand Jury

Ryan Pelman (Left) and Matthew Rodgers (Right) were arrested and charged after Kevin Flannery, 42, was shot in Parma by one of their rounds that missed a paper target (Photos: MSCO)

Hilton, N.Y. - The two men from Parma accused of accidentally shooting and critically injuring a man in October appeared in Parma Town Court Thursday night.

Matthew Rodgers, 35, and Ryan Pellman, 34, will now wait to see what a Monroe County Grand Jury will determine about their cases.

Monroe County Deputies said Rodgers and Pellman were reckless, shooting paper targets without a backdrop, and accidentally shooting Kevin Flannery.

Flannery was allegedly mowing his lawn when the bullet came flying, hitting him in the stomach.

Flannery has made a "remarkable recovery," according to Senior Assistant District Attorney Christine Callanan.

"Spent about two months in the hospital and is now up and functioning again. He does have ongoing treatment but his recovery has been miraculous," said Callanan.

However, Pellman's lawyer said the District Attorney's Office will need to prove his client and Rodgers caused the injury.

"My client feels for the victim's family but with respect to whether or not it was him I can't comment to that," said Paul Guerrieri, lawyer for Pellman.

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