College of Brockport: Around 375 students have contracted the flu

Brockport, N.Y. - Hundreds of students have gotten sick with the flu at The College at Brockport. The college reports about 375 students caught the virus starting in early February.

"At first, I didn't realize it was going around campus until they sent out the email, and then I was like, 'Okay, now I know why I got it,'” said student Julie Marte.

Marte said she had to miss a week of classes. “I woke up fatigued, in a sweat," she said. "I had chills and I was aching all over my body."

Marte did not get a flu shot, until after she caught the flu.

Director of Health Libby Caruso said that seems to be the case with most students who have the flu. She said students who got the flu shot and are sick have milder symptoms.

“This is the largest amount I've seen in my years,” said Caruso, who has 26 years of experience on campus. “We kind of set up a plan to manage as much as we could over the phone, and restrict people from classes as much as possible."

The College at Brockport tells 13WHAM classrooms are cleaned Monday through Friday, and it believes this is the peak of the flu outbreak.

The University of Rochester is seeing potential signs of another infectious disease, norovirus.

Last year, the U of R had a norovirus outbreak, with about 155 reported cases.

“They were like, 'Remember last year - it was really bad.' Well, hopefully, this year it won't be too bad,” said student Meredith Crenca, who got an email from the University warning students.

As of Friday, a spokesperson said there is only one confirmed case of norovirus at the U of R, but 16 students who are showing norovirus-like symptoms.

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