Homeowners: Damage imminent on Lake Ontario shoreline

Sand bags in Sodus Point as neighbors brace for flooding.

Wayne County, N.Y. - Thunderstorms and heavy rain, not the forecast homeowners on Lake Ontario's shoreline had hoped for Thursday night.

In the Town of Ontario, Supervisor John Smith said, "We were afraid of this all along."

Flooding is the immediate concern, but Smith said many homeowners are worried about long term damage to the shoreline and their properties.

"They aren't rich people. They did well," said Smith of most property owners on the shoreline. "They got a little lucky and they got a little slice of heaven on the lake shore and they've worked hard and put money into trying to keep it established and then to just pull the rug out, that's wrong."

Smith is petitioning to state and federal official against Plan 2014 that kicked in this January to fluctuate water levels.

Smith said he talked with officials at the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant and while flooding is not a concern, they're unsure what the long-term impact could be. "Clearly they're concerned as well for long-term erosion issues along the lake front portion of the plant, no danger of any kind, it is something they're keeping an eye on as well."

Homeowners in Sodus Point said water levels have risen dramatically, even from morning to night.

Larry Monheim said the water has climbed eight inches high in the crawl space beneath his home. "I'm 82-years-old and I've been helping three different neighbors here now, plus myself sandbagging and the sandbags were about 50 pounds, so it's a lot of work."

Monheim said he's also thinking of neighboring country Canada that's also part of Plan 2014.

"We need them to let out water but in order to let out water they need to careful they don't flood Montreal," said Monheim. "It's just a whole change they've made has done nothing but disrupt us here."

The International Joint Commission that's in charge of the water fluctuation said flooding would have been a problem this year regardless of Plan 2014.

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