Food truck introduces "The Don Alhart" sandwich

"The Don Alhart" sandwich from the "Meat the Press" food truck in Rochester

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- A popular Rochester food truck has a new addition to its menu. It's a sandwich named after one of our own here at 13WHAM.

At the "Meat the Press" food truck the menu comes from the media.

"All of our sandwiches are named after famous people in the news. There's an Al Roker, there's a Diane Sawyer, but when we do specials we like to keep it in Rochester,” said owner Christopher Virgo.

This week's special honors the legend himself, Don Alhart.

"We decided to pay tribute to the godfather of Rochester news, Mr. Don Alhart with the godfather of a sandwich,” said Virgo.

It starts with the meat.

"We got a little salami, some nice capicola and a little maple ham,” said Virgo.

Virgo adds some provolone cheese, arugula, red onions and a homemade creamy Italian dressing. It’s all sandwiched between two slices of Italian bread.

"Capicola is always good stuff and obviously Don is a known superstar around here,” said Jeff Kreiss who ordered the sandwich for lunch.

Last summer Virgo sold 14,000 sandwiches. Could the Alhart boost them higher?

"We've sold just a few today, you're about to be number 3 I think,” said Virgo.

There's one customer in particular they're hoping tries it.

"Don, if you're hungry I’ve got a sandwich with your name on it sir,” said Virgo.

Thursday and Friday night the "Meat the Press" truck will be at Three Heads Brewery.

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