Laser technology maps veins in patients

Technology at Monroe Community Hospital is mapping out veins digitally.

Rochester, N.Y. - Before sticking a needle in a patient, nurses at a local hospital are using newly acquired technology to find the right spot.

Monroe Community Hospital is the first long-term facility in the area to acquire a AccuVein, which uses a laser to map out a person's vein before drawing blood or putting in an IV.

"This is a relief. I mean a major relief," said Philip Fountain of East Rochester. "So many friends, I talk to them about it and they seem to be enthused."

Fountain has diabetes and emphysema. He's been a patient at Monroe Community Hospital since last August.

"I get blood drawn on a regular basis like so many of us around here," said Fountain.

The hospital has one AccuVein device, which cost $6,500. The device is portable, and nurses say it is easy to use.

"In addition to being able to feel where the veins are, I can see them. I can figure out depth based on how well they show up, and it makes my jobs ten times easier, but, more importantly, it makes it a lot less stressful on the patient," said Andrew Porter, Nurse Manager at Monroe Community Hospital.

Porter is in his 25th year working at the hospital and said it's tough to spot veins in people who are older or very young.

"We can get in there and find the vein quickly," said Porter.

Another patient said she feels bad when nurses have a hard time finding a good vein and says this device is putting her worry to ease.

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