Local woman optimistic about Wilmot Cancer Institute treatment

Judy Jansson

Rochester, N.Y. - Judy Jansseon never expected the diagnosis she received after experiencing intense stomach pain.

Blood tests and a CT Scan revealed she had stage four pancreatic cancer.

Judy is now optimistic about the future. She is a part of a clinical trial at the University of Rochester's Wilmot Cancer Center for a drug that can stop cancer cells from growing.

While it's too early to say if this can save lives, medical oncologist, Dr. Aram Hezel, says it's a promising treatment for state four pancreatic cancer.

Judy says her tumors are half the size they were in June.

"I have had some good news from my scans. Things are working. I am giving God the glory because I think it's working beautifully," said Judy.

Dr. Hezel says a $2,000,000 grant from the National Cancer Institute and local community groups helped fund this new research which offers hope for patients like Judy.

Judy first heard about this treatment from her nephew who lives in Seattle. She thought she would have to travel to a big city to help, but learned it was available in Rochester.

To learn more about Wilmot Cancer Center or to donate, click here.

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