Long Pond, Latta Roads still closed 6 days after windstorm

For safety, the road must remain closed until work is complete. (WHAM Photo)

Greece, N.Y. - The area along Long Pond Road near Latta Road remains closed, six days after a windstorm downed power lines and trees.

However, the road isn't staying closed because of a power outage.

A tedious challenge is causing a major setback.

According to Liberty Underground, utility crews had cut through Frontier telephone lines while working on righting downed poles.

Now, 2,400 wires need to be repaired in four different places before the intersection can be back up and running. Crews are being forced to connect them all back by hand.

Bill Volgalis works with Liberty Underground and said it's terrible to think about.

"The first time I saw that about 15 years ago, I thought, That's an electrician's worst nightmare right here.'"

While crews are working, ice fishing huts are being used to protect the workers and keep the wires warm.

For safety, the road must remain closed until work is complete.

Nearby at the Mobil Service Center, William Stonewall is simply happy to have his power back after being out of business for five days.

"It just took us right out and that's the way it was," Stonewall said. "It takes quite a bit of profit away."

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