Lucky fan jams on stage with The Boss in Rochester

Fan plays onstage with Bruce Springsteen in Rochester Saturday

Rochester, N.Y. - It was a great Saturday night for fans of Bruce Springsteen - but especially for one fan celebrating her birthday.

She was the envy of all Springsteen fans this weekend. The lucky lady was pulled on stage to dance and sing with "The Boss" at the Blue Cross Arena.

So who was she? Matt Molloy tracked her down today.

Her name is Teri Walderman. Teri is a real estate agent from Toronto. She was celebrating her 65th birthday at the Springsteen concert and it's one she won't soon forget!

"You think about what am I going to say to him, what am I going to do? When you get up there it's all gone from your head," said Teri.

Teri and her son traveled from Toronto for the show at Blue Cross Arena. Her son Sam was holding a sign for his mom's upcoming 65th birthday hoping to get Springsteen's attention -- it worked.

"Half a second later you realize, no this is it. This is really happening, she's the one to quote another Bruce Springsteen song," said Sam Walderman. "Before I knew it she was up there with The Boss."

Teri was dancing, playing the guitar, even singing with Bruce Springsteen.

"I looked at him and I looked at the crowd and I said look what you do for us. You give us so much life, you're incredible," she said.

"It was pretty special knowing how big of a fan she's been for so long," said Sam.

I asked Teri if she had a message for fellow fans in Rochester who may be a bit jealous today.

"It was my turn. It was my turn. It took me 40 years, 40 years!" she said laughing.


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