No serious injuries after officer-involved crash in Greece

(Photo: Will Morgan)

Greece, N.Y. – Police say there were no serious injuries after a crash involving an officer’s vehicle Thursday night.

The crash happened in the area of Maiden Lane and Mt. Read Boulevard.

According to police, the officer’s vehicle was traveling eastbound on Maiden Lane. A second vehicle, they say, was traveling southbound on Mt. Read Boulevard. Investigators say the driver of the southbound vehicle said she looked down for a moment, and when she looked up, the light was red, and the two vehicles collided.

Police said the officer’s car spun around and struck a third vehicle at the scene.

The officer and a person in the back of the officer’s vehicle were taken to the hospital to be checked out. Police said the drivers of the other two vehicles were not transported to the hospital. In all, officers said there were no serious injuries.

Police said the crash is under investigation, and that charges are possible.

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