Schneiderman accuses Time Warner of defrauding customers, launches investigation

Rochester, N.Y. – The New York State Attorney General is urging everybody to test their internet speeds. It is part of their investigation into allegations of Time Warner defrauding customers.

Jean Perrotta owns a photography studio in Henrietta. She believes she didn’t get what she paid for with her Time Warner internet. She said, every day, the internet goes to a crawl and completely goes out, making it difficult to run a business.

“Disappointing,” she told 13WHAM News. “Every day is frustrating. Should we have chosen something different?”

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said she is not alone. Thousands of complaints have come into his office about internet speeds. He accused Time Warner of knowingly taking advantage of customers by having them pay for service it can’t deliver. He is now investigating all internet providers to ensure the same isn’t happening.

“Are you getting what you’re paying for?” said Schneiderman at a news conference Thursday in Rochester. “For most consumers, the initial answer is, ‘We have no idea.’ And when you look into it, the answer is probably no.”

Spectrum, the new owner of Time Warner, is also included in the lawsuit.

If you do find you are not getting the speeds you pay for, you are asked to notify the attorney general’s office.

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