Unprecedented February warmth for Rochester

Rochester, NY – A record warm stretch of weather is on the way for Rochester. It’s possible that this stretch of warmth will be unprecedented compared to our cities 146 years of records.

An unusual weather pattern for February will deliver record warmth to the east coast of the U.S. and record rainfall to California and parts of the Desert Southwest.

The timing of this warmth on February break for public schools couldn’t be better for anyone that skipped the vacation to warmer destinations and the kiddos won’t get cabin fever this week either.

In Rochester the 13WHAM Weather Authority is forecasting high temperatures greater than 50 degrees from Tuesday through Saturday. Here’s the specific forecast for each day and the record high for the date in parenthesis next to each day.

Forecast High Record High

Tuesday 57° (73° in 1997)
Wednesday 64° (67° in 1930)
Thursday 67° (66° in 1922)
Friday 66° (70° in 1906)
Saturday 60° (67° in 1957)

The last time Rochester had more than 5 straight days in the 50s during February was in the year 2000 when we had six straight days with 50° or higher.

However, the city has never had three consecutive days with a high temperature greater than 60° in February and it’s quite possible that this could happen later this week.

Since 1871, Rochester has had three days with a high temperature greater than 70° in the month of February and the forecast this week may add a 4th day to that list on Friday.

For the latest forecast from 13WHAM please download the 13 WHAM Weather App from your cell provider’s app store. Also, you can catch the latest updates from 13 WHAM through Twitter and Facebook.

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