Bumps on Paul Rd. concern drivers

Bumps on Paul Road are causing concerns for some residents (WHAM photo)

Chili, N.Y. – Bumps on a well-traveled road in Chili are an ongoing concern for drivers.

“You can tell they know about it,” said Hannah Levine as she pointed to a car driving out of the southbound land on Paul Road. “I take this road everyday on my way to work, so I noticed when there was a difference when something started changing.”

According to Levine, the change started about a month ago and has only gotten worse.

“It’s concerning because, at first, when I didn’t know about it, it took them about two weeks to put up a sign to warn us about the bump, and I take it every day, so I know that there wasn’t anything there,” said Levine.

The Monroe County Water Authority told 13WHAM they fixed a water main break in the area of the bumps on Paul Road last week.

“There’s been a ton of flooding, a lot on the road over here, and then this parking lot behind it has been completely soaked,” said Levine.

Frederick Property Group owns the parking lot that’s had standing water in it for the last week.

Property Manager Kevin Allen said water didn’t start bubbling from the pavement until after that main break.

“If you go out to the road, the Water Authority is working out there. My guess is it had something to do with what's going on. We just had this parking lot done six months ago and there were no issues and everything was good,” said Allen.

The Monroe County Water Authority said a site manager saw water in the parking lot before the main break in the road, and because it’s on private property, it's up to the property owner to fix it.

The Water Authority went on to say Fredrick Property Group can file a claim with them if they believe the parking lot issue is related to the main break in the road.

The Water Authority plans to work on the bumps on Paul Road in the coming weeks. They are waiting for the area to dry out.

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