Your Stories: Delivery denied

Rochester, N.Y. - Police and the Better Business Bureau are alerting consumers to beware of contractors who ask you to pay the full cost of service upfront. A woman in our area is sending the same warning after an incident she said happened to her.

"I have my comforter, my pillows and my laptop and my tablet and that's about it," said Wendy Ashley, who recently moved to Rochester.

Ashley sits in her unfurnished two-bedroom apartment in Greece, because a moving company says she owes them $2,000.

"I have not been able to eat, let alone sleep," Ashley continued. "Just worried about everything I've ever worked hard for is somewhere on their truck."

She says she signed a contract with "Proud American Vanlines." She said the company loaded up her things at her Alabama home on a Friday, and she was told to expect it to arrive last Monday.

"I was here Monday morning waiting for them," Ashley said. "So as the day goes by I say, 'My God, they could have been considerate and called me.' I'm thinking they're on their way with my furniture. That never happened."

Ashley paid a $508 deposit towards the $2,540.92 bill. She claims the company now wants her to pay in full before they deliver her things to Rochester.

"That's when they told me my furniture was still in Alabama, in a warehouse. They didn't have driver to bring it, nor a truck," she explained.

There's an alert on the Better Business Bureau's page for this company. It cites delays, unexpected additional charges, delivery damage and poor customer service.

"There are some red flags if you're going to hire a mover - a mover that won't come to your property," said Peggy Penders of the Better Business Bureau, "that only wants to deal with you over the phone. Someone who wants too much money up front, someone who's demanding only cash. Those are all things that should raise your concern."

Ashley says she's learned her lesson.

"Please investigate this first," she implores consumers. "Check your resources because this is the most horrible experience that I have ever experienced in my life. I wish I would have Googled it and read the feedback before I made this move."

We reached out to Proud American Vanlines. They told us if Wendy Ashley pays the $2,000, they'll deliver her items.

The BBB warns of companies demanding payments in full up-front and urges all customers to do their research.

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