Your Stories: Without power for five days

Family left without power after tree falls on home

Brighton, N.Y. - A Brighton couple has been dealing with frigid temperatures in their own home for several days, this after a tree knocked out their power on Sunday.

David and Lisa Price currently have a generator providing some power; it was provided by a neighbor.

Sunday, after a tree fell on their home, utility crews came to the David and Lisa's home and found their meter had to be moved from the basement to outside the home.

"The electrician comes out here, maps it all out - maps everything we have to do - writes up the work order and leaves," said David.

David and Lisa said it took until Thursday for inspectors to come to the house. After that, it was a matter of waiting for RG&E to connect the wires from their home to a utility pole.

David, who has a disability, said the past few days have been difficult for him.

"This is the bureaucratic accident - that has been the entire sequence," David said. "If (the inspector) had been here and did the inspection, and we made another phone call, and they were waiting at the curb, I could probably have power inside in 30 minutes."

Lisa worries if the pipes freeze and burst, they could lose years of family valuables and memories stored in the basement.

"There are things that will be passed down to the three girls, and we just can't take the chance of anything happening," Lisa said.

David and Lisa are asking people to make sure their meters are outdoors so they can avoid similar situations.

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