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Gene Glynn: Minnesota's first Mr. Basketball

Updated: Monday, July 21 2014, 01:00 AM EDT

Red Wings Manager Gene Glynn has been a little too busy with baseball, to remember the last time he played basketball.

“Oh I dunno…two years? Three years?" Glynn wondered. "Three years here I don’t think I’ve picked up a ball.”

But growing up in the small town of Waseca Minnesota, he had time for it all.

"The way we grew up, we were on a farm we had 14 kids," Glynn said. "I had 2 brothers that were just older than me that were always playing…and they were good basketball players, football, we played baseball all the time, so It was just what we did when we had free time.”

But the 5'9" Glynn wasn't just another basketball player. In 1975, he was Mr. Basketball, the first in the state of Minnesota.

Toby Motyka has the story.

Gene Glynn: Minnesota's first Mr. Basketball

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