NY Yankees on WHAM

Find 13WHAM on digital channel 13.1, cable 13, or channel 1013 for 13WHAM-HD. Find Rochester's CW on digital channel 13.2, cable 16, or channel 1016 for CW-HD. Broadcast station subject to change.

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2015 Broadcast Schedule

Day Date Opponent Time Station
Friday 4/10/2015 NYY vs Boston 7:00p 13WHAM ABC
Monday 4/13/2015 NYY at Baltimore 7:00p CW Rochester
Sunday 4/19/2015 NYY at Tampa Bay 1:00p CW Rochester
Saturday 4/25/2015 NYY vs NY METS 4:00p CW Rochester
Thursday 5/14/2015 NYY at Tampa 7:00p CW Rochester
Saturday 5/16/2015 NYY at KC 7:00p FOX Rochester
Saturday 5/23/2015 NYY vs Texas 1:00p CW Rochester
Tuesday 5/26/2015 NYY at KC 7:00p 13WHAM ABC
Monday 6/15/2015 NYY at Miami 7:00p CW Rochester
Monday 6/22/2015 NYY vs Phil 7:00p CW Rochester
Friday 7/10/2015 NYY at Boston 7:00p 13WHAM ABC
Sunday 7/19/2015 NYY vs Seattle 1:00p CW Rochester
Tuesday 7/21/2015 NYY vs Baltimore 7:00p 13WHAM ABC
Saturday 7/25/2015 NYY at Minnesota 7:00p 13WHAM ABC/FOX Rochester
Saturday 8/1/2015 NYY at CWS 7:00p FOX Rochester
Thursday 8/13/2015 NYY at Cleveland 7:00p CW Rochester
Monday 8/17/2015 NYY vs Minnesota 7:00p 13WHAM ABC
Monday 8/24/2015 NYY vs Houston 7:00p CW Rochester
Sunday 9/13/2015 NYY vs Toronto 1:00p CW Rochester
Wednesday 9/16/2015 NYY at Tampa 7:00p CW Rochester
Monday 9/21/2015 NYY at TOR 7:00p CW Rochester
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