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Neighbors: Nightclub to blame for violence

Rochester, N.Y. - Chris Woodworth awoke after the first gunshot was fired.

Wishful thinking, we were hoping maybe that was not a gunshot, but then we heard three more immediate ones, said St. Paul Boulevard neighborhood resident.

Once the gunfire ended, four people left with injuries and a fifth person was hit by a car driven by someone leaving the scene, according to Rochester Police.

It was completely out of control, explained Woodworth. Cars speeding off, people screaming, yelling and no control of it whatsoever.

The shooting was not the only episode of violence in the intersection of St. Paul Boulevard and Andrews Street.

Nothing to this magnitude, said Christopher Brown, head of security for Plush Lounge on St. Paul Street.

Brown was finishing his shift as patrons began leaving around 2 a.m. when he heard shouting from across the street.

There was a large group of individuals in the parking lot and a large group of individuals in the street, stated Brown. A lot of shouting back and forth, disagreements, the next thing you know, you heard some shots ringing out from further back in the parking lot.

Brown said Plush security does pat-down patrons to make sure they are not carrying weapons.

Some people involved shouted to others asking what side of the city they were from, according to Brown.

Some individuals come with the mindset to not have fun, to cause problems, period.

It is Browns belief that the bulk of the problems came from people who were not at Plush, but emerging from the nearby parking lot.

Neighbors and residents here have become very in-tune with trying to pretty much get evidence on video and photographs so we can take it and continually build the case to try to have some action taken in this neighborhood to make things a bit safer, said Woodworth.

He blames the nightclub for attracting crime.

Eliminating the places where people go to have fun and come and see their family members or just party and have a good time isnt going to change the problem, said Brown.

The problem lies in the people within the community who dont want things to change.

The event held at Plush Wednesday night, Anticipation 4, was in honor of three people who had lost their lives in the past year, according to Brown.

Rochester Police have not made an arrest. RPD has spoken with at least one victim. Originally, police said each victim had non-life threatening injuries, except one whose injuries were more severe. All of those injured are expected to recover, police said late Thursday afternoon.

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