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How clean is your produce?

Some researchers say, if youve ever tested the contaminants on your produce, its likely you wouldnt want to eat it.

A team from the University of Mobile decided to do just that, and found things that they said were disgusting on every piece of produce they tested, including bacteria and even fecal matter.

The team tested both organic and non-organic produce and looked at the most effective ways to clean your produce. Surprisingly, they found that washing the produce with just water may not be the best way to clean it! 

Various produce items were taken to the University of Mobile to be tested. Samples were collected and put into petri dishes. Four days later the team went back for the results.

The salad the team bought at a local drive-thru had staph, E Coli and fecal matter on it.

Even though foods like bagged lettuce and spinach say theyre bagged and ready to eat - turns out the bags can trap bacteria, even fecal matter, into it.

And while organic foods do have fewer chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers; they also typically have higher bacteria counts because manure and other natural fertilizers have to be used, according to the team from the University.

The thing is, with all that rinsing you've been doing, you may have washed the dirt off, but bacteria can still remain

When the team tried a fancy, six dollar bottle of produce cleaner, contents of the petri dishes found that it works, even to the point of removing fecal matter.

When the team added a dab of apple cider vinegar to water and let fruit, such as grapes soak in it for 5 to 10 minutes, once again they said the petri dish showed no growth.

Some argue theyve been washing with water for years and it works just fine. Despite what's in these petri dishes, one observer said he can keep his foods fecal-matter free by using plain old water.

I've been rinsing my fruit off for years with just fresh water, and I'm still here living, feeling healthy, he said. He did, however, say he would try the vinegar mixture.  When asked if the vinegar left behind a flavor, he said he didnt think so.

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