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Woman keeps husband's body in basement for weeks

New details in Adam Chase murder trial revealed during evidence hearing

Canandaigua, N.Y.-- Judge William Kocher ruled Thursday that a jury will view a tape of Rose Chase being investigated in December after her husband Adam’s death.

In the 2.5 hour video tape played in the courtroom, Rose told investigators how her husband died, and what she did with his body.

During the taped interview she initially told investigators her husband died when he fell down the stairs during an altercation.

Later she changed her mind on the tape explaining she did it.

She told investigators she was thinking, “for (her son), do it for (her son), and subconsciously I honestly think I pushed him down.”

She eventually explained that there was blood after he struck his head. She even told investigators she had to use bleach on the floor to clean it up.

"Anytime I handled his body all the clothes went into the washer and I puked my guts out."

Afterwards, she told investigators she kept his body in the basement anywhere from six to eight weeks.

Then, she very calmly said how she dismembered her husband’s body, before transporting the body parts to her mother’s house while her toddler-aged son was in the car.

"The torso part...alright, head, arms, legs, came off no problem,” she explained to investigators.

At one point Rose said a neighbor nearly spotted her putting her husband’s body in her car.

"As I'm lifting up the torso, part of it hits my keys and the car alarm is going off...I was doing this during the day."

On the ride to her mother’s home she told investigators she had to drive with the windows down because the car “stunk.” She told her son that she was trying to air the car out.

She hid the body for two weeks in the woods behind her mother’s house, before deciding to cremate him.

"He always wanted to be cremated, he didn't want to have a funeral… I thought that’s what he wanted, I knew he wanted to be cremated, I knew he wanted a drink,” she said.

She added that she poured a bottle of “booze” on his body and let it soak in, before she started a bonfire with Adam’s body inside.

The bonfire burned for five hours. She told investigators she would stir the fire when her boyfriend, who was with her at the time, went to the bathroom--- so he wouldn’t see the bones.

Her boyfriend, has not been charged in the case.

"I didn't mean for the outcome and I am sorry for it. I do wish that he (Adam) was out of my life but I didn't know how I could really achieve it,” she told investigators on the tape.

Adam was considered a missing person from June until December 2012 when his remains were discovered at the home of Rose’s mother.

The videotape played in court Thursday will be played for the Rose’s murder trial, which begins in October.

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