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Man behind RPD arrest video speaks out

"This needs to stop."

The man who documented a chaotic arrest and put it on youtube hopes it leads to change. Harry Loggins shared his story and a second video exclusively with 13 WHAM news.

Loggins was visiting his mother on Seyle Terrace Tuesday night which was right next door to the police response. He says it wasn't his first instinct to reach for his cell phone.

"I saw the officer, he grabbed her and he started hitting her in the head and kneeing her in the stomach," he says about the moments before he started recording. "That was before I started shooting the video."

Chief James Sheppard says officers were responding to a report of 5 or 6 people fighting around 5:00 in the afternoon. He has seen the video and promised a full investigation.

On the video officer Lucas Krull attempts to subdue a woman who says she is five months pregnant. The sound is clear.

Woman: You're going to kill my baby

Officer: Hands behind your back

Woman: No

The video later shows the officer cuffing the woman in the head and taking her to the ground.

"I saw him punch her up alongside the head and throw her," said Loggins. "He was just doing too much."

Loggins says he put the video on youtube to force police to provide an explanation. "I don't respect a man putting his hands on a female like that," he said. "I understand he's an officer at the same time she's a female and pregnant. I was disgusted.

"Our actions were dictated by her actions," responded Chief Sheppard.

Sheppard said there were two things that occurred prior to this. "She physically interfered with the arrest (of her brother) and then she pulled out pepper spray," he said.

Sheppard has seen the first video that shows the officer cuffing the woman in the head with an open hand. He says that can be a tactic designed to distract a violent or struggling person. "When we receive that response from an individual we might strike you in a way that changes your channel of thought so you discontinue the resistance."

Loggins doesn't buy it. "I think it's crazy," he said. He showed us footage he had taken moments before the one that has already received 31,000 views. It shows Officer Krull appears to swat the hands of the woman, perhaps after she displayed the pepper spray. It is difficult to see whether she had anything in her hands.

This twelve second clip also shows another police officer kneeing the 16-year-old brother on the front porch, then swings back to show an additional struggle with his sister that shows her being struck over the head several times.

"They've just been getting away with way too much stuff," said Loggins. "That's why this needs to stop."

Jane Flasch, 13WHAM-TV
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