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"Before I die I want to..."

Rochester, N.Y. - "Before I die I want to..." is a fill in the blank statement that's been posed in Rochester, on a chalkboard near the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Bartlett Street.

Every time I go there I'm influenced really positively, said Corinne Calabretta, a junior at the University of Rochester who put up the chalkboard. I went there the other day and someone had written to love and be loved.

Before I die I want to: volunteer; travel; live. All things people walking by the chalkboard have stopped to write down, to share.

It makes me stop and think every time I walk past it, said Michael Curtis, who passes by the chalkboard daily. Every day [it] makes me think what I want to do, and I have a thousand different answers like one, like I said I want to go on vacation.

Think - thats exactly what Calabretta hopes people who pass the chalkboard will do.

She was looking to do an art project with her aunt this summer and decided on the chalkboard after seeing it done in other places around the world.

I really hope it makes people think about their choices and their future, said Calabretta, and are their choices aligning with their virtues and what are they doing to fulfill their goals.

But not everyone in the neighborhood is pleased with the location of the chalkboard.

Thats offensive, because you don't see that sign nowhere else except Jefferson Avenue. There's crimes everywhere around in the city, even way out there in the suburbs, everywhere, said Alison Thomas who lives in the neighborhood.

The corner the chalkboard is on was chosen because Calabretta is familiar with the location.

It was my community this summer, said Calabretta. It was really just the convenience of the location and like I said there's a lot of foot traffic.

Its that foot traffic that has filled and refilled the board since it was put up in mid-August.

Calabretta has revisited the board many times taking pictures of the words people have left behind then erasing them, so others can leave their wishes as well.

She plans to keep the board up through mid-October.

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