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72-year-old woman recounts mugging

Scottsville, N.Y. - On Monday night, 72-year-old Eleanor Lyons was mugged outside of the BJs Wholesale Store in Henrietta around 8 p.m.
She was parked fairly close to the front of the store and had just finished loading her groceries into her car when someone came up from behind and tried to take her purse.

She tried to hold on to, but then the mugger knocked her to the ground.

I hit the cement with my face and I must have tried to stop my fall with my right arm because I broke my wrist, she said.

Her attacker got away with her purse. Lyons says she had about $200 in cash and gift cards inside and she also had her cellphone in her purse.

She believes its not a coincidence that she was the one attacked.

They profile you, I'm sure, she said. They see you and think you are the easiest target.
He probably picked me because he saw that I wasn't a young person. I was an older person and I would be easy target.

On Tuesday, Lyons was at home recovering from the bruises, scrapes, a black eye and a broken wrist. She will eventually have to have surgery on that arm.

Lyons did not get a good look at her attacker but says he seemed to be a younger man wearing a gray hoodie or sweatshirt. Witnesses saw him jump into a getaway car.

Thinking back on the incident, Lyons says she shouldnt have tried to hold on to her purse to avoid getting hurt, but says the instinct to protect her property kicked in.

The Monroe County Sheriffs Office says this crime does not fit a pattern in this area or in the county and rather, it seems to be an isolated incident.

If you have any information about this crime, call CrimeStoppers at 423-9300.

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