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Auberger's exit interview

by Sean Carroll

Greece, N.Y. -- Sixteen years ago John Auberger left the Monroe County Legislature to begin the first of four terms as Greece Town Supervisor.  His replacement in the legislature at the time?  Bill Reilich.

Once again it is Reilich taking over to Auberger, this time at Greece Town Hall.

"I will continue to be a Greecian and go on and want to be involved in public service as we go forward, said Auberger of his plans for the future. 

Looking back on his years of public service, 26 in all as an elected official, Auberger candidly answered questions from 13WHAM News. 

He spoke of his focus on public service and community service while governing this regions largest suburban town.  Auberger, 61, thanked his family, staff, and supporters for many years at the helm.

He also addressed any and all issues raised by 13WHAM News.  Including the scandals that rocked the Greece Police Department and the time he was questioned by police in the course of a homicide investigation.  That was because of his relationship with the female victim who was killed by her son.

Below are some of his responses.

On being questioned by police in the 2010 homicide investigation of a woman he was having relations with:

"I think it was primarily blown out of proportion in one sense.

"What people tend to forget is that a lady lost her life because of domestic violence and the issue wasn't John Auberger and I think there were people that wanted to make that an issue because when you sit in this position as Supervisor or whatever there are people who want to see you beat, see you embarrassed or whatever.   So that's how I view it.  I answered the questions truthfully, honestly, and to me that is the best I could've possibly done with the situation.

Someone lost their life because of domestic violence.  It wasn't John Auberger but the people who wanted to make it about John Auberger did.  All I did was provide information on what if I had any information as far as a motive, that's it. They tried to embarrass the supervisor or whatever and to me I've been around for too long and it just didn't work.

On the many police scandals that included the incarceration of former Chief Merritt Rahn and two officers:

"It was unfortunate what happened but it was just one of those issues where you could not control the actions of the individual.  No employer is responsible for the actions of their individual.

I remediated a situation and I cleaned it up and that's about the only thing an administrator can do once they become aware of it.  I mean there are people within the community who do have agendas, any logical individual with any shred of commonsense would know that you can't blame an employer for the actions of a few employees.

"It was very disappointing, you do not expect someone particularly those who are sworn to uphold the law to violate it but once you become aware of it you have to do what you are paid, what you were sworn to do. 

On the impact those police scandals had on his 2009 re-election campaign:

Did it affect (sic) the campaign in (2009)?  Yeah, it made the margin of victory smaller. We were very strong to be able to withstand it."

"I had confidence but the trouble with the '09 campaign was being able to get your positive message out.  There were people who actually wanted to see you beat and who would try to say, well this is the Greece Town Board's fault or Auberger's fault which was totally erroneous.

"There are individuals in this community who do have agendas who want to see you beat.  I do understand that, I've been in politics a long time so I accept it.  I understood it but I was very confident that we would come out victorious because of our work.

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