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Police recover stolen TV; itemized list from car chase suspects

by Jane Flasch

Macedon, N.Y. -- Police recovered stolen property from the wreckage of the crash that followed Friday's two county police chase. They also discovered something else: an itemized list.

"She stated that the owner of the truck had given her this list of stuff to come out to Macedon to steal that day," said Macedon Police Chief John Colella who interviewed one of the two female passengers in the fleeing car.

Security video inside the Walmart on Route 31 captured portions of the theft and police say it's not the first time this has happened. "We knew they were more than likely at the Walmart to steal items," said Chief Colella.

He responded to the robbery call on Friday. He said the driver of the pick-up truck, 48 year old Charles Domicello, attempted to take out two police vehicles then fled all to cover up the organized scheme and the person behind it.

"On that list in the vehicle were the TV's and other items," said Chief Colella.

Nearly every week people come to this Walmart with a list. They are not shoppers but professional shoplifters who target items selected by a middle man who then flips them for a 100% profit.

"Whether it be drug dealers in the city or other individuals who are re-sellers for eBay or Craigslist - they provide lists of high end items that they are looking to either pawn or sell on line for a high profit," explained the chief.

In one case Walmart security cameras captured images of two men stealing hundreds of dollars of video games. In another case three men stole $6-thousand dollars of laptops and televisions boldly pushing them in carts right out the door to a waiting vehicle.

"It is one of the top stores in the Northeast region. They have excellent loss prevention but it's unfortunate we cannot stem the tide of individuals coming from other counties to commit crime here," said Chief Colella.

The thieves target everything from electronics to meat. Last year there were 64 grand larceny thefts - enough to tie up two members of the ten member force full time.

And the thieves are getting bolder and more violent. Other Security cameras captured a Walmart security worker hanging from the hood of a suspect's vehicle, attempting to stop the theft.

Wayne County prosecutors and judges are helping Macedon crack down by imposing mandatory jail sentences for anyone who comes across the county line and is convicted of stealing. A second offense of petty larceny is a guaranteed nine months in the county jail.

Grand larceny convictions will net time in state prison.

"You come out here to commit a crime and we are going to track you down and you're going to pay the consequences," said Chief Colella.

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